"WHO is making that noise?"

Third in a series of Kids' books, written by Balinda Fortman, illustrated by kids. "WHO is making that noise?" This beautiful bird was a nestling when it was found on the ground and brought to Liberty Wildlife. For most birds of prey, the only way to tell if they are a girl or boy is by DNA testing or surgery. This would cause more stress to the bird than necessary, so we look at the bird’s size to make a guess. In general, the female birds of prey tend to be larger than the males. Due to his smaller size, he was given the name Magellan. Magellan had bad head wounds that appeared to be talon marks. It was thought that another bird of prey, possibly a Red-tailed Hawk, tried to take Magellan from the nest but could not carry him. For weeks, the medical staff had to clean the wounds to rid them of insects and prevent infection. His injuries had caused damage and scarring to his ear canals and since Great-horned owls rely on their hearing and night vision to hunt, it was determined that his hunting skills would be impacted and should not be released. A few years later, Magellan laid eggs. We then knew she was a small female and she was renamed Maggie. Profits benefit Liberty Wildlife
"WHO is making that noise?"
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